Committees of the Association


Acquisitions Editorial

Despite the competitive world of acquisitions editors, there is also a deeply felt camaraderie among colleagues across the community. The Acquisitions Editorial Committee uses this sense of fellowship and trust among acquisitions editors to train new staff, create best practices guidelines for internal operating procedures, and generate regular discussions addressing changing acquisition realities in light of new technological innovations and evolving marketplace opportunities.
Beth Bouloukos, Amherst/Lever, Chair
Courtney Berger, Duke
Matthew Bokovoy, Nebraska
Deborah Gershenowitz, North Carolina
Catherine Goldstead, Johns Hopkins
Zachary Greshem, Vanderbilt
Brian Halley, Massachusetts
Kim Hogeland, Oregon State
Kristen Elias Rowley, Ohio State
Anthony Cond, Liverpool, Board Liaison
Brenna McLaughlin, Central Office Liaison


Established to support the advocacy work of the Association on behalf of all member presses, the committee spent its first months identifying strategic audiences for campus advocacy and will next work on tailoring messages and evaluating delivery methods for each audience. Committee members also evaluated the Association’s current Crisis, Risk, and Advocacy Toolkit and will continue to collect new resources to enhance it as a pro-active advocacy guide for all press directors.
Meredith Babb, Florida, Chair
Nate Bauer, Alaska
Ellen Chodosh, New York
Joel Cosseboom, Hawai’i
Mark Heineke, Nebraska
Micah Kleit, Rutgers
Colleen Lanick, Harvard
Elaine Maisner, North Carolina
Nicole Mitchell, Washington
Barbara Kline Pope, Johns Hopkins
Lisa Quinn, Wilfrid Laurier
Susan Wadsworth-Booth, Kent State
Greg Britton, Johns Hopkins, Board Liaison
Annette Windhorn, Central Office Liaison

Annual Meeting 2020

The 2020 Program Committee worked hard to develop a diverse slate of plenaries pairing scholars and public intellectuals, as well as collaboration labs, concurrent sessions, and other events to offer new strategies for addressing daily workflow challenges, charting one’s course as a publishing professional, bridging divides both local and global, and publishing more inclusively. The committee also developed a new Community Reads initiative meant to advance conversations about inclusion and diversity. Unfortunately, the Association cancelled the Seattle event because of the COVID-19 outbreak, and the committee worked to adapt its program to a virtual event.
Laurie Matheson, Illinois, Chair
Mike Baccam, Washington
Jocelyn Dawson, Duke
Natalie Eidenier, Michigan State
Puja Telikicherla, APA
Stephanie Williams, Ohio
Joeth Zucco, Nebraska
Kathryn Conrad, Arizona, Board Liaison
Susan Patton, Central Office Liaison

Annual Meeting 2021

With the Montreal location set and the planning season approaching, the committee is soon to begin organizing the program, and procuring speakers, panelists, and moderators for the 2021 Annual Meeting, taking place June 15-17. Because the in-person component of the 2020 Annual Meeting in Seattle did not take place, the committee will consider 2020 sessions that were not included in the virtual meeting for potential inclusion. We will also assess whether any elements of the 2020 virtual meeting might be worth carrying into the 2021 meeting.
Jocelyn Dawson, Duke, Chair
Niko Pfund, Oxford, Board Liaison
Susan Patton, Central Office Liaison

Book, Jacket, and Journal Show

The Book, Jacket, and Journal Show Committee has ensured the continued success and visibility of the show. The committee has maintained year-round visibility in the AUPresses and graphic design communities with the website and @AUPressesDesign social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram. The show continues to tour and was expected to be exhibited in the UK for the first time ever (these plans were interrupted by the COVID pandemic). This year’s show again showcases the breadth and depth of design and typography accomplished by member presses of the Association.
Joel W. Coggins, Pittsburgh, Chair
Jessica Booth, Utah
Barbara Bourgoyne, Louisiana State
Alan Brownoff, Alberta
Karen Copp, Iowa
Ani Deyirmenjian, Toronto
Rachel Ross, Wayne State
Dan Ruccia, Duke
Isaac Tobin, Chicago
Jennifer Crewe, Columbia, Board Liaison
Kate Kolendo, Central Office Liaison

Business Systems

The Business Systems Committee regularly reviews and suggests changes to the AUPresses Statistics Report and provides updates to the business survey. The committee continues work updating the Business Handbook.
Brad Hebel, Columbia, Chair
Lynn Benedetto, Cornell
Nadine Buckland, West Indies
Scott Kuehm, Princeton
Erik Smist, Johns Hopkins
Alice Ennis, Illinois, Board Liaison
Kim Miller, Central Office Liaison

Digital Publishing

The Digital Publishing Committee, in conjunction with the Library Relations and Professional Development Committees, worked to plan its next webinar on digital publishing platforms, featuring Scalar and RavenSpace, which will take place in Fall 2020. The special programming the Committee had planned for AUPresses 2020 Seattle, which has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 crisis, will be rescheduled for a future AUPresses or held via webinar in the coming months.
Bonnie Russell, Wayne State, Chair
Darcy Cullen, British Columbia
Taylor Dietrich, Cambridge
Elizabeth Demers, Michigan
Terry Ehling, MIT
Kevin Hawkins, North Texas
Beth Fuget, Washington
Jeremy Morse, Michigan
Clara Totten, Georgetown
Mary Francis, Pennsylvania, Board Liaison
Angelica DeVoe and Brenna McLaughlin, Central Office Liaisons

Editorial, Design, and Production

The Editorial, Design, and Production (EDP) Committee has traditionally assisted the Annual Meeting Program Committee in developing EDP content as part of its charge to develop and manage tools, programs, and resources to support the editorial, design, and production departments of member presses. With the cancellation of the 2020 in-person annual meeting, the EDP Committee is working to transform some its planned annual meeting content into online events for the virtual version of the annual meeting and to accelerate its plans for the development of EDP webinars and hangouts outside of the annual meeting.
Kelly Finefrock Creed, Alabama, Chair
Angela Anderson, Marine Corps
Jennifer Comeau, Illinois
Julia Cook, Rochester
Jillian Downey, Michigan
Laura Furney, Colorado
Amanda Krause, Arizona
Kristin Harpster, Wayne State
Mary Lui, Toronto
Neal Novak, Louisiana State
David Rosenbaum, Missouri
Robbie Dircks, North Carolina, Board Liaison
Angelica DeVoe, Central Office Liaison

Equity, Justice, and Inclusion

The Equity, Justice, and Inclusion Committee gathered nominations from the UP community and selected two books for wide reading and discussion by UP staff: Alex Tizon’s Invisible People (Temple) and Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility (Beacon). The committee revised and finalized a peer reviewed statement of the community’s commitment to equity and anti-racism. The committee’s recommendation to offer equity and antiracism training to UP directors will be implemented; and with the directors of Lee & Low publishing the committee will provide demographic data gathered in the 2019 diversity survey. Other goals include best practices for inclusivity at Association-sponsored events, networking and mentorship opportunities, and collaboration with other scholarly communication networks on equity and justice goals.
Gita Manaktala, MIT, Co-Chair
Brian Halley, Massachusetts, Co-Chair
Ellen Bush, North Carolina
Gianna Mosser, Vanderbilt
Stephanie Prieto, Wesleyan
Lanell White, Michigan
Stephanie Williams, Ohio
Peter Berkery, Central Office Liaison

Faculty Outreach

Acting on their charge to help scholars better understand scholarly publishing and university presses, this year’s committee developed a public-facing website, Ask UP, featuring resources and an interactive FAQ, that will debut in the coming year; collaborated on a presentation template, “How to Get Published with a University Press,” for academic conferences; and formalized relationships and procedures with several learned societies to support regular publishing panels at their conferences.
Ilene Kalish, NYU, Chair
Patrick Alexander, Penn State
Ann Baker, Nebraska
Catherine Cocks, Michigan State
Seth Denbo, AHA
Anne Donlan, MLA
Ehren Foley, South Carolina
Julie Laut, Illinois
Trevor Perri, Northwestern
Alisa Plant, Louisiana State
Marie Sweetman, Wayne State
Dan Williams, TCU
Fred Nachbaur, Fordham, Board Liaison
Annette Windhorn, Central Office Liaison

Intellectual Property and Copyright

The Intellectual Property and Copyright Committee utilized a variety of formats to amplify conversations concerning licensing and rights over the past year. In addition to hosting a Let’s Talk About…Hangout, “International Rights Experts: Ask Us Anything,” in February 2020 and developing programming for the annual meeting, committee members have consistently made use of the AAUP-R listserv to foster collaboration, discussion, and engagement with the broader AUPresses community.
Bryan Birchmeier, Michigan, Chair
Ceylan Aktuk, Princeton
Natalie Blachere, McGill-Queen’s
Ricky Huard, Ohio
Lisa Jemison, Toronto
Elisabeth Maselli, Rutgers
Kelly Rogers, Johns Hopkins
Angelica Lopez-Torres, Texas
Puja Telikicheria, APA
Dennis Lloyd, Wisconsin, Board Liaison
Kate Kolendo, Central Office Liaison


Providing oversight to the investment of the Association’s quasi-endowment fund, the committee proposed revisions to the Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to allow for better self-management, which, along with a recommended change in investment advisors, the Board approved in October 2019. The Investment Committee, with assistance from these advisors, created a new asset allocation and assisted the Central Office in transitioning the management of the quasi-endowment fund from Raymond James to Fidelity Investments. The committee also monitors other Association investments relative to the objectives outlined in the IPS and has developed a short-term cash flow strategy in response to the annual meeting cancellation.
Robbie Dircks, North Carolina, Chair
Mike Bieker, Arkansas
Susan Doerr, Minnesota
Donna Shear, Nebraska
Erik Smist, Johns Hopkins
Jean Kim, Stanford, Board Liaison
Peter Berkery and Kim Miller, Central Office Liaisons


In keeping with the Journals Committee’s charge to develop and manage tools, activities, and resources to assist Association members in improving the function of and promoting the public face of their journals programs, the committee generated programming ideas for the conference and for webinars that focused on the vital goal of making our journals programs more visible in our scholarly publishing communities and within the academy. Despite the disruption of the COVID pandemic, the committee has continued to work on new ways to promote UP journals publishing.
Emily Taylor, Ohio State, Chair
Alexa Colella, Illinois
Claire Eder, Wisconsin
Jason Gosnell, Marine Corps
Clare Hooper, Liverpool
Jessica Karp, Penn State
Stacy Lavin, Duke
Joel Puchalla, Nebraska
Julie Warheit, Wayne State
Alice Ennis, Illinois, Board Liaison
Kate Kolendo, Central Office Liaison

Library Relations

The Library Relations Committee expands communications and collaborations between university presses and libraries. This year, the committee organized sessions at the Library Publishing Forum and AUPresses Annual Meeting. Some of its other activities have been tabled to next year due to COVID-19, but the committee plans to return to encouraging the sharing of information and ideas between library publishing and university press communities through efforts such as the cross-pollination conference registration waiver program and a pre-meeting workshop at the 2021 AUPresses Annual Meeting.
Liz Hamilton, Northwestern, Chair
Geoffrey Little, Concordia
Ana Jimenez-Moreno, Ohio State
John McLeod, North Carolina
Abby Mogollón, Arizona
Elizabeth Scarpelli, Cincinnati
Joell Smith-Borne, Vanderbilt
Anthony Cond, Liverpool, Board Liaison
Brenna McLaughlin, Central Office Liaison


In 2019-20, the Marketing Committee completed revisions for several sections of the AUPresses Marketing Handbook, including Publicity, Catalog and Jacket Copy, and Social Media. The committee members organized an AUPresses Hangout, “Virtual Events A to Zoom,” in April 2020, which was in great demand, and completed the preparation for the pre-Annual Meeting Marketing Workshop, Master Your Marketing, Publicity, and Social Media Plan. The pre-meeting workshop was postponed until the June 2021 meeting in Montreal.
Kathryn Pitts, Notre Dame, Chair
Romi Gutierrez, Florida
Stephanie Adams, Stanford
Jennie Collinson, Liverpool
Amy Harris, MIT
Casey LaVela, Wisconsin
Bailey Morrison, Texas
Erin Rolfs, McGill-Queen’s
Lara Mainville, Ottawa, Board Liaison
Annette Windhorn, Central Office Liaison

Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee (PDC) develops and manages tools, programs, and resources to assist Association members in improving their publishing expertise, developing their leadership skills, and enhancing their professional development. This year, the PDC organized three webinars on timely topics: “Making the Most of Conferences,” “What’s New with Metadata,” and “Beyond Mentorship: Fostering Conditions of Mutual Exchange,” planned a number of programs for the 2020 Annual Meeting, and updated the meeting guidelines for newcomers. With the cancellation of the in-person meeting, the PDC has launched a virtual mentorship program to accommodate all those who might have attended the annual meeting and is working to bring its planned sessions virtual as well. The committee will also evaluate residency applications for those wishing to observe the culture and operations at another press.
Christine Thorsteinsson, Harvard, Chair
Courtney Berger, Duke
Lyndsey Claro, Princeton
Kathryn Marguy, Johns Hopkins
Alison Shay, North Carolina
Lisa Tremaine, Texas Review
Greg Britton, Johns Hopkins, Board Liaison
Angelica DeVoe and Susan Patton, Central Office Liaisons