Task Forces

Gender, Equity, and Cultures of Respect

With the ethos of peer review and building on the work of the Task Force for Diversity and Inclusion, the Gender, Equity, and Cultures of Respect Task Force sought ways to assess our community’s gender equity and inclusivity. After conducting an all-community survey to understand experiences of gender and racial equity and at our presses, reviewing recent compensation studies, and collecting industry codes of conduct, the task force released a final report to members at the beginning of 2020. This report is a vitally important document that contains numerous valuable insights and thoughtful recommendations on an issue that is core to our community—the respectful inclusion of all colleagues in our work. It’s work complete, the efforts initiated by the task force will be continued by the Equity, Justice, and Inclusion Committee.
Christie Henry, Princeton, Chair
Allyson Carter, Arizona
Lyndsey Claro, Princeton
Dawn Durante, Illinois
Gisela Fosado, Duke
Ana Jimenez-Moreno, Ohio State
Parneshia Jones, Northwestern
Levi Stahl, Chicago
Chistian Winting, Columbia
Jennifer Crewe, Columbia, Board Liaison
Peter Berkery and Brenna McLaughlin, Central Office Liaisons

Open Access

Over the past year, the Open Access (OA) Task Force has explored ways in which the Association can support member presses pursuing or interested in OA publishing, including developing and conducting a survey about the full range of OA publishing activities or planned OA publishing activities within the membership, evaluating how best to gather and disseminate data on open access publishing to the membership to support decision-making and planning, and investigating possible networking and collaborations with like-minded organizations.
Erich van Rijn, California, Chair
Carsten Fenger-Grondahl, Aarhus
Jonathan Greenberg, New York
Geoffrey Little, Concordia
Michael Regoli, Indiana
Tony Sanfilippo, Ohio State
John Sherer, North Carolina
Lara Speicher, UCL
Kelley Squazzo, Project Muse/Johns Hopkins
Mary Francis, Pennsylvania, Board Liaison
Brenna McLaughlin, Central Office Liaison

Operating Statistics

To further the Association’s commitment to providing statistical financial information that meets member needs, the Operating Statistics Task Force is following up on a community survey on the current Operating Statistics program by developing some samples of a dynamic, web-based tool that would allow presses to look at the statistics in different ways.
Darrin Pratt, Colorado, Chair
Lynn Benedetto, Cornell
Nadine Buckland, West Indies
Brad Hebel, Columbia
Chris Heiser, Chicago
Brent Oberlin, MIT
Kim Schmelzinger, MeanLine Publisher Services
Beth Windsor, Johns Hopkins/Project MUSE
Steve Young, British Columbia
Robbie Dircks, North Carolina, Board Liaison
Brenna McLaughlin and Susan Patton, Central Office Liaisons

University Press Week

The University Press Week Task Force led two successful observances this year: a #WeAreUP blog tour in June 2019—remembering founding task force member Mark Saunders and celebrating the people who make university press publishing possible—and UP Week in November 2019, encouraging all to “Read. Think. Act.” National media attention of UP Week expanded again this year to include articles in Literary Hub, Vox, and Inside Higher Education; weeklong coverage on New Books Network; and a panel broadcast on C-SPAN2.
Colleen Lanick, Harvard, Chair
Carrie Adams, Chicago
Mandy Brannon, Duke
Jacqueline Davis, McGill-Queen’s
David Goldberg, MIT
Catherine Hobbs, Columbia
Michelle Lipinski, California
Cameron Ludwick, Texas
Stephanie Williams, Ohio
Fredric Nachbaur, Fordham, Board Liaison
Brenna McLaughlin and Annette Windhorn, Central Office Liaisons